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Who Should Use Corporate Critic?

The information contained within Corporate Critic has wide and diverse applications. The list is not exhaustive but the following customers have found Corporate Critic of great benefit for researching, investing and fundraising purposes:

Academic and Business Libraries
Academia (student and lecturers)
Institutional Purchasers/Purchasing Departments
Investment Community
  • Investment Management
  • Fund Trustees
  • Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs)
  • Stockbrokers
  • Marketing/PR Agencies
    Private and Institutional Ethical Investors
    Religious Organisations/Individual Investors
    Reputational Risk
    Fund Managers/Stockbrokers
  • A low cost, credible source of supplementary information that indexes the ethical activities of global corporations
  • Perform instant ethical checks on companies in your clients' portfolios
  • Monitor the changing CSR value of companies
  • Perform negative and positive company screenings
  • Select the most ethical company by product sector, turnover or by ethical issue
  • Monitor the changing ethical behaviour and rating of the FTSE 100 (and other indices) companies
  • Premium customers may also choose an 'email me if there are rating changes for companies in my portfolio' option - to help them keep track of company performance on an ongoing basis.

  • Independent Financial Advisors - IFAs
  • Offer an extra value service to clients by presenting a more detailed ethical background on the companies held in ethical and mainstream investment funds
  • Use Corporate Critic or create your own rating system on environmental and other ethical issues
  • Perform searches on banks and other corporate organisations
  • Use as an independent and credible source of information for report building

  • Reputational Risk Consultancies
  • Quick and easy to find data on around 15,000 global companies
  • Ethical ratings and abstracted reports on 15,000 companies
  • Compare a company's ethical performance by industry and product sector
  • Corporate Critic informs, at a glance, the issues of concern to NGOs. Excellent material for creating scenarios and predictive analysis tools for potential customers
  • Excellent source for 'Country of Operation' and 'Prosecutions' information

  • Fund Trustees/Church Organisations/Individual Investors
  • Excellent, low cost access to information on the Corporate Social Responsibility records of companies.
  • Learn more about the ethical issues and the performance of global companies in whom you invest.
  • Support and enhance your growing knowledge of SRI issues.
  • Become informed - challenge your fund manager on the Social, Environmental and Ethical impacts/risks associated with the business activities of companies with whom you invest. Have faith in your investments

  • NGOs and Charities
  • Find thousands of abstracts from hundreds of campaigning sources of information in one place
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Perform negative and positive company screening on corporate fundraising partners
  • Ideal for fund trustees to identify 'best' companies in whom to invest funds
  • Company updates for corporate relations managers

  • Students and Lecturers
  • Monitor and understand the impacts of good and bad corporate social responsibility from a business, sociological, political and environmental perspective
  • A reliable and credible ethical information source that indexes global corporate behaviour
  • The only low-cost publicly accessible tool to sort FTSE 100 companies by specific ethical criteria
  • Extremely quick and easy to navigate information source
  • Ask specific questions about company product sectors and ethical categories with our rating tool. Apply the rating tool across all industry sectors.

  • Media
  • Low cost access to data in a growing interest area for both business and consumers
  • Add credible ethical data to financial reports and features
  • Support your stories with comparative company ratings, by product sector and/or ethical criteria*
  • *Please contact us to discuss application intent. There may be a small charge for data reproduction.

    Marketing/PR Agencies
  • Find the most ethical clients to have in your portfolio
  • Monitor the ethical performance of your clients. Devise marketing strategies to address poor reputation
  • Identify the best ethical corporate sponsor for charity and fundraising events

  • Procurement Departments & Institutional Purchasers
  • Locate the 'best' ethical supplier for a wide range of products (see work in progress)
  • Perform searches and check the ethicality of existing and potential suppliers

  • Corporations/Companies
  • Take the lead in Corporate Social Responsibility - identify ethical suppliers and business partners
  • Monitor your overall ethical performance against that of competitors and by product sectors*
  • Source ethical products
  • *Please contact Rob Harrison if you wish to reproduce positive data on the ethical performance of your organisation.

    Aggregating Information Services
  • The application of Corporate Critic's ethical data could be wide and varied. We'd be happy to contribute our data to your project. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.