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How to use Corporate Critic

Company Information Pages

Most corporate responsibility rating organisations 'rate' company groups as single organisations.

The Corporate Critic database is different. It is structured to map complex company groups.

This means that extracts on specific companies generally appear with ownership information. It is important to note that the ethical ratings (Ethiscore) represent those of the company group as a whole.

The Company Information page contains details such as address and market information where available, and a link to a complete listing of all the stories relating to the company group you have selected.

screen shot of company information page

Clicking on this link takes you straight to a Company Stories page. Below this basic company information appears an active list of Ethical Category Scores.

Next to each Category Name is a 'Table Score' which is a quick visual indicator of the seriousness of a criticism or collection of criticisms.

A 'Whole Circle' indicates a more serious criticism A 'Quarter Circle' indicates the least significant criticism Half Circle and a Three Quarters circle sits between these two.

It should be noted that 'View Stories' will only show 'scoring stories' (i.e. stories reported in the last five years). 'Stories - A Complete Listing...' will show all stories - potentially going back to 1991.