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How to use Corporate Critic

Portfolios and 'Email me updates'

Portfolios are a feature for annual subscribers, enabling them to group together companies they want to observe in detail and watch on an ongoing basis.

New portfolios can be created from the Portfolios page (click on Portfolios from the left hand menu).

Daily and Monthly customers may view existing Corporate Critic portfolios. At present, these portfolios include the UK's Top 100 Companies and UK's Top 25 Charity Donors.

Clicking on the column heading permits the search to be ordered by this heading. There is also a link to 'View Product Scores Table...' on this page. This table permits comparison across all the categories.

Choose `Create New Portfolio' and give the portfolio a name (and optional description) of your choice then press 'Create'. Companies may now be added to this portfolio from the 'Company Search Results Page'.

In the Search Results page, use the drop down arrow in the 'Add to Portfolio' box next to the company of your choice to locate and click on the portfolio you have named.

'Email Me Updates'

Annual customers may also choose an 'email me updates' function if there are rating changes for companies in their 'my portfolio' option - to help them keep track of company performance on an ongoing basis. To find the email me updates check box, go to the portfolios page and click on your portfolio. Then choose View Product Scores Table, where the 'Email me if the scores in this table change...' check box will appear.

To remove a company from your portfolio, go the the portfolios page and click on your portfolio. Click on the Remove button next to the company you wish to remove.