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How to use Corporate Critic

Quick Searches

On the Home Page, a box titled 'search for companies' on the right of the page allows you to type in the name of a company.
If Corporate Critic holds data on a company, an ethiscore rating will be generated, free of charge.

The Ethiscore indicates the severity and/or quantity of ethical criticisms found on an organisation, and is a useful prompt for further investigation.

Subscribing to Corporate Critic will enable users to access the ethical and unethical stories found on companies.

If you can find no information on a particular company and have tried typing the company name into the stories search too, it is likely that we hold no data on the company in question.
This means that its ethical rating is likely to be OK, but may be worth further research via our screenings service.

Users of this service will notice that some Ethiscores are in brackets. These scores are computer generated and indicate that the company has not been verified by a researcher for a while.