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How to use Corporate Critic

Search for Stories

Finding stories on companies is easy with Corporate Critic.

The stories search looks in the text of all the abstracts in the database and is intended to be used to search subject areas on a wide range of search terms, such as �Senegal� or �Landmines�.

If the database contains information on the subject you have entered, it will return a list of stories under the following headings:

  • Date (when the story was published)
  • Ownership
  • Company
  • Ethical categories containing stories
  • Detailed story headline
Some companies may have a large number of stories filed against them. Therefore, the ethical category listing and detailed story headlines are quick search features for subscribers.

To view the abstracts, tick the boxes beside them.

It should be noted that 'View Stories' will only show 'scoring stories' (i.e. stories reported in the last five years). 'Stories - A Complete Listing...' will show all stories - potentially going back to 1991.

What will I see on the Company Stories page?