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Products & Services

The prices and features associated with Daily, Monthly and Annual access have been established in order to reflect low, medium, and high research requirements either by an individual, a department or across a whole organisation. Please contact ECRA if you are unsure of the most appropriate option for your needs.

Free Area

If you are new to Corporate Critic and are looking for information on a specific company, we encourage you to visit the Free Area first.
Use the free search facility to check that we hold data on the company you are looking for. This should give you an understanding of the scope and content of Corporate Critic and minimise unnecessary expenditure.

Not-For-Profit and Commercial pricing rates are available.

Information & Functions Available to ALL Corporate Critic Subscribers

  • Unlimited Access to over 15,000 Company Information pages
    View the markets, turnover and Ethiscores relating to all companies.
  • Unlimited Access to Story Headlines
    View detailed headlines on over 50,000 abstracts derived from campaign group sources and business research activities.
  • View the Ethiscore for all companies
    The Ethiscore is a unique numerical ethical rating. Use it to quickly differentiate those companies which have attracted significant levels of criticism from those attracting less attention.
  • Full Access to Customise Scores Function
    Customise your Ethiscores to generate company and product ratings which best reflect your organisation's ethical priorities.
  • Search on Markets, Products, Companies, Ethical Criteria and Turnover
    A wide range of search criteria is available for performing company and story searches quickly.
  • Unlimited Access to Product Score Tables
    An Ethiscore for products is another unique and key feature of Corporate Critic. It is derived by combining a company Ethiscore with a rating for product sustainability, and is based on five positive attributes that a product may possess: Fair Trade, Organic, Animal Welfare, Environmental Features and Ethical Consumer's Best Buy.
    An excellent feature for ethical purchasing activities.
  • Access to Portfolios - including FTSE100
    Compare company Ethiscores within useful and well-recognised portfolios.
  • Instant Click & Pay Access
    Payment by credit card gives immediate access.

Corporate Critic Access Options

Daily Rate Users
£25 (inc VAT)

  • All the above functions and features
  • Download/print up to 600 abstracts per day
  • Full 24hrs access to the database
  • Access is given to one PC for Daily subscriptions

Monthly Rate Users
£120 + VAT for Not-For-Profit Customers
£150 + VAT for Commercial Customers

  • All the above functions and features
  • Download/print up to 1000 abstracts per day
  • Full 30 days access to the database
  • Access is given to one PC for Monthly subscriptions

Annual Rate Users
£699 + VAT for Not-For-Profit Customers
£899 + VAT for Commercial Customers

  • All the above functions and features
  • Download/print up to 1000 abstracts per day
  • Full 365 day access
  • Portfolio management
    Create a bespoke portfolio. Create a portfolio containing a maximum of 100 companies. Ideal for monitoring the changing ethical performance of key companies.
  • Email me updates
    Users can choose to receive automatic email notification of Ethiscore rating changes for companies in their portfolios. Superb for quick monitoring of nominated companies.
  • Multi-User Access
    Annual subscribers can have up to 5 multiple users accessing Corporate Critic simultaneously.
  • Free Access to ethiscore.org
    An access account will also be issued for our consumer database, ethiscore.org

Annual subscribers requiring further portfolios or wishing to add more users to their account should contact ECRA to arrange for this service. An additional cost is involved.

Paying For Access To Corporate Critic

Your Options:
For Immediate Access to Corporate Critic, simply pay on-line by credit card.

If instant access isn't necessary:
· Once your registration details have been submitted, print out an invoice and send a cheque or arrange a bank transfer to Ethical Consumer Information Systems Limited.
· Telephone (0161 227 9099) or email ECRA in order to activate your access to Corporate Critic. Please be aware that you will have to wait 24hrs before access to the database is available.
(ECRA may need to perform credit checks before access is given).

Please note that if we cannot verify an organisation's Not-For-Profit status from the details entered on the registration form, we reserve the right to suspend, without further notice, your access to Corporate Critic until such time as that status can be verified.

If you are unsure of your Not-For-Profit status, you should contact us prior to choosing this payment option.



If you need accurate, quantitative, scoring data to support editorial commentary, websites or any other information outlet concerned with ethical issues, talk to ECRA.

Licensing opportunities are also available to organisations such as business libraries, aggregating services, trade associations and institutions.

To discuss licensing arrangements please contact Helen Middleton on 0161 227 9099 or rob@ethicalconsumer.org


Screenings are based around our Corporate Critic database which contains more than 50,000 individual 'abstracts' of published documentation, from sources such as the Clean Clothes Campaign, the Compassionate Shopping Guide, the Ecologist, Global Pesticide Campaigner, Labour Research, New Internationalist and the Women's Environmental Network. Click here for a fuller list of our sources.
Company criticisms are filed under 15 broad ethical categories
The new Corporate Critic database is quick and easy to use.
However the Screening service is of benefit to organisations or individuals who:
  • Simply don't have the time to undertake a detailed search of Ethical Consumer's Corporate Critic database
  • Require a more extensive investigation into companies or specific ethical criticisms and issues.

  • Example:
    An NGO that is considering engaging with a corporate organisation for fundraising or sponsorship purposes would benefit from using Corporate Critic or ECRA's screening service. Before approaching the company, the NGO can undertake a thorough investigation into its ethical credentials to ensure best-fit with its philosophy and purpose.

    You can specify a Screening that searches for references relating to a company, or companies, under all or just some of the 16 categories listed below.

    Ethical Categories
    Environmental Reporting
    Nuclear Power
    Environment (Other)
    Animal Testing
    Factory Farming
    Other Animal Rights
    Oppressive Regimes
    Workers Rights
    Irresponsible Marketing
    Political Activity
    Boycott Calls
    Genetic Engineering

    For each individual Screening, company ownership is verified and company group structure updated. This means that every screening will look at the records of the ultimate holding company (UHC)and allits subsidiaries as well as the primary company or brand that you are interested in.
    Each abstract is checked for quality and relevance to your specific information needs.

    How much does it cost?
    Quoted prices are per Company Screening.
    Up to 40 abstracts per company report will be produced.

    Standard Company Screening
    10 day turnaround - Not-For-Profit Rate = £60 (+VAT)
    - For Profit Rate = £120 (+VAT)

    Express Company Screening
    5 day turnaround - Not-For-Profit Rate = £80 (+VAT)
    - For Profit Rate = £140 (+VAT)

    Sometimes a Screening report will come back with no abstracts. This usually means that a relatively ethical company has not been criticised by any of the hundreds of campaigning groups, NGOs and trade unions that we monitor, within the last five years.

    To arrange for a screening, please contact Rob Harrison at rob@ethicalconsumer.org or tel: 0161 227 9099.

    Consultancy Services

    Consultancy services offered by ECRA and Ethical Consumer cover a wide range of environmental and corporate responsibility specialities. Often the information you require, from the most ethical of the mainstream tea companies to the greenest freezer, can be found in Ethical Consumer magazine. However, for more detailed or specialised analysis, our consultancy team can be a valuable source of assistance.

    We have conducted research on topics ranging from the identification of companies operating in Burma, to an analysis of the developing awareness of fairtrade issues and policies by the major tea companies.

    For further information on our consultancy services, please contact please contact Rob Harrison at rob@ethicalconsumer.org or tel: 0161 227 9099.

    Shareholder Analysis

    Some campaign groups choose to target the institutional shareholders in companies in an effort to change their ethical and environmental behaviour. Ethical Consumer can help identify these shareholders.

    The service has also been used by charity and NGO fundraisers who wish to avoid involvement with companies that have shareholdings in, for example, armaments companies.

    All we require is the name of the company (and the address is useful if you have it) faxed or emailed to us with your order.

    For further information on our shareholder analysis services, please contact Rob Harrison at rob@ethicalconsumer.org or tel: 0161 227 9099.