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With 20 years' experience in researching the environmental and social performance of companies, Ethical Consumer can offer a wealth of information and expertise to organisations needing to know more.

From a study of the climate change impacts of selling energy-efficient fridges and freezers, to an analysis of developments in the awareness of fairtrade issues by major tea companies, we can offer in-depth information which can help NGOs, ethically-conscious companies and other organisations develop policy and make key ethical decisions.

And with our consultancy services only on offer to organisations whose principles do not clash with our own, charities and sustainable enterprises can rest assured that they are receiving genuinely independent information.

Ethical Consumer's clients have included the Co-operative Bank and Christian Aid, and have embraced topics from employment standards in the hotel industry to the environmental impacts of kaolin mining. Services can range from a focused look at the behaviour of a small number of companies, or a wider examination of the environmental, human rights or animal welfare impacts of entire sectors.

For further information on our consultancy services, please contact Rob Harrison at rob[at]ethicalconsumer.org. Tel: +44 (0)161 226 2929.