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Corporate Critic

Corporate Critic is a product of the Ethical Consumer Research Association.
Corporate Critic indexes and rates the Corporate Social Responsibility records of over 25,000 companies, using primarily civil society data.

Ranging from large multinationals to small independents, it includes both publicly listed and private companies from anywhere in the world.

It collects and categorises information in five main areas:
Environment: Climate Change, Pollution & Toxics, Habitats & Resources, Environmental Reporting, Nuclear Power
People: Human Rights, Workers' Rights, Supply Chain Policy, Irresponsible Marketing, Armaments
Animals: Animal Testing, Factory Farming, Other Animal Rights
Politics: Genetic Engineering, Boycott Call, Political Activities, Anti-Social Finance, Company Ethos
Product Sustainability: Organic Product, Fairtrade product, Positive Environmental Features, Other Sustianability Features, Animal Welfare Features

How is Corporate Critic compiled?

If you are new to Corporate Critic and are looking for information on a specific company, we encourage you to visit the free area on the Home Page. Use the free search facility (see `Free Search for Companies') to check that we hold data on the company you are looking for. This should give you an understanding of the scope and content of Corporate Critic and minimise unnecessary expenditure.

In addition, we have provided free, in-depth views on 25 companies, thus enabling visitors to see the type of company information and research we index.


The prices and features associated with Monthly and Annual access have been established in order to reflect research requirements either by an individual, a department or across a whole organisation.

Not-For-Profit and Commercial pricing rates are available.

Please contact ECRA if you are unsure of the most appropriate option for your needs. Tel: 0161 226 2929.

Features and access options available to all Corporate Critic subscribers