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Corporate Critic Features

Information & Functions Available to ALL Corporate Critic Subscribers
  • Unlimited Access to over 15,000 Company Information pages
    View the markets, turnover and Ethiscores relating to all companies.
  • Unlimited Access to Story Headlines
    View detailed headlines on over 50,000 abstracts derived from campaign group sources and business research activities (link to an example?)
  • View the Ethiscore for all companies
    The Ethiscore is a unique numerical ethical rating. Use it to quickly differentiate those companies which have attracted significant levels of criticism from those attracting less attention.
  • Full Access to Customise Scores Function
    Customise your Ethiscores to generate company and product ratings which best reflect your organisation's ethical priorities (link to this page)
  • Search on Markets, Products, Companies, Ethical Criteria and Turnover
    A wide range of search criteria is available for performing company and story searches quickly.
  • Unlimited Access to Product Score Tables
    An Ethiscore for products is another unique and key feature of Corporate Critic. It is derived by combining a company Ethiscore with a rating for product sustainability, and is based on five positive attributes that a product may possess: Fair Trade, Organic, Animal Welfare, Environmental Features and Ethical Consumer's Best Buy. An excellent feature for ethical purchasing activities (a link to an example of a table?)
  • Access to Portfolios � including the UK�s top 100 companies
    Compare company Ethiscores within useful and well-recognised portfolios (link to a portfolio?)
  • Instant Click & Pay Access
    Payment by credit card gives immediate access.

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