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Brands and Products

Corporate Critic database also includes information about the brands and products which companies own.

Stories may be attached to brands and products if they fit in with one of our product sustainability categories.

A typical product story looks like this:

Date: January 2005

Company: Haier Group

Product: Haier Fridges A+ [E]

Story: Fridges EU A+ energy ratings

Category: Positive Environmental Features

Primary Reference: Ethical Consumer: 92 (Jan/Feb 2005) (25 November 2004) Ethical Consumer magazine of January 2005 reported that the following Haier fridge models had an A+ or A++ energy rating and were HFC free: HR-176KAAA and HR-166KAA.

Normally the default setting of Corporate Critic is set up not to return brand and product data in reply to search requests. This is to make the database simpler for company research.

If you are hoping to use the Corporate Critic database to identify sustainable or ethical products, then we would normally recommend using the consumer interface at www.ethiscore.org

Annual subscribers to Corporate Critic will receive a free password to Ethiscore as part of the package.

If you do want Corporate Critic to return and display brand and product data, choose Find Companies from the menu on the left of the screen and select "Show Advanced Search Options". Now tick in the "Include Brands and Products" box.

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