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Ethical Category Definitions

23 ethical categories (18 Corporate Social Responsibility rating categories and 5 product sustainability categories), and thousands of stories or abstracts to choose from, Corporate Critic is a quick and easy searching tool for finding the stories behind the companies on the ethical considerations that are of most concern to you.

You can view our category definitions on our Ethical Consumer website: environment, animals, people, politics, product sustainability.

An Example

Under broad ethical headings such as `Armaments' which is within the 'People' category, subscribers can search 14 sub-categories, ranging from `Banking or investment relationship with a company criticised in this area', to `unspecified strategic services to the military'.

All stories on the database must have at least one subcategory attached.

The Ethical Categories function allows subscribers to see all the companies grouped under a particular ethical sub-category heading, thereby aiding swift research and company performance comparisons.