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Research & Ratings

How is Corporate Critic compiled?

Corporate Critic is compiled primarily from information already in the public domain. Our team of researchers regularly search through over 100 publications and summarise information on corporate activity into easy-to-read abstracts or 'stories'. Information on companies is taken from:

  • publications by environmental, animal rights and Third World campaigning NGOs such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Amnesty, WDM etc.
  • corporate communications such as Annual Reports and company websites for environmental reports, codes of conduct and animal testing policies.
  • commercial defence and nuclear industry directories
  • pollution and health & safety prosecution records
  • a wide range of other international sources
  • daily news

Each abstract is fully referenced to a particular publication, permitting users to explore and follow up stories in more detail. Our reseachers in Manchester add new stories to the database on a daily basis. These are uploaded onto Corporate Critic and the ethiscores are recalculated nightly.

Because of the ongoing nature of this behaviour-monitoring process, we do not systematically check each story or rating with companies prior to publication. Many of the ratings or stories will have been published before in the Ethical Consumer magazine. We encourage companies to contact us if they believe a story or rating is in error and we will always address the issues raised.

If you are new to Corporate Critic and are looking for information on a specific company, we encourage you to visit the free area on the Home Page. Use the free search facility (see `Free Search for Companies') to check that we hold data on the company you are looking for. This should give you an understanding of the scope and content of Corporate Critic and minimise unnecessary expenditure.

In addition, we have provided free, in-depth views on 25 companies, thus enabling visitors to see the type of company information and research we index.