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Customised Ethical Scoring

This facility allows all subscribers to `weight� or customise the Company Ethiscore rating, so that the Ethiscore of a company or product truly reflects users� own ethical concerns.

Therefore as an example, if you are only concerned with corporate environmental issues, simply tick the `ignore' column in all the other ethical categories, such as animal rights or armaments.

Your customised Ethiscore will then be tailored to reflect environmental impacts only.

It is necessary to click on the `Save Weightings' button when the selection is complete for all subsequent Ethiscores to be altered by this adjustment.

The customised scoring function can be altered at any time in order to reflect changing ethical priorities.

Modified Ethiscores will appear in the Company Information pages and in the Product Scores Tables. Product Scores Tables are a related function of portfolios; the portfolios function is only available to Annual subscribers of Corporate Critic.

The un-customised, default Ethiscore setting rates all the ethical categories equally.