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Research & Ratings

Product Score Tables

The detailed score tables are a function of portfolios, and therefore only available to Annual subscribers.

They summarise Corporate Critic's current information on the companies which reside in ECRA's, or a customer's own portfolios. The tables allow users to easily and ethically compare companies.

For guidance :

A large circle = The worst ethical rating.

Smaller circles or dots = Denote a lesser degree of involvement.

A square without dots = The best product rating

Each circle or dot will have a corresponding story or stories on this database explaining the rating.

To locate stories for a particular company, use the search facility for finding companies and the specific Company Information page.

The abbreviations at the top of each column (ER, PO etc.) are explained in a key at the bottom of the table. Holding your mouse over a circle or abbreviation will also display an explanation.

More information on the rules we use for rating appear in the Customise Scores and Research and Ratings areas of the database.

You can build you own scoretables with fewer columns by choosing the 'ignore' option against selected categories on the Customise Scores area of the database. Unlike the other categories, the product sustainability columns will only appear when there is data in that column.