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Verified and Unverified Scores

Ethiscores that appear in brackets, e.g. (12) are computer-generated.

They are calculated from data entered as part of the Corporate Critic press monitoring function, and in the research process for compiling reports in the Ethical Consumer magazine.

For computer generated Ethiscores, the absence of a mark in a particular column does not necessarily mean that a company has no involvement in that area. It simply means that no evidence has yet come to our attention that it does.

Ethiscores without brackets are 'Researcher Verified' Ethiscores which are based on systematic, annual information gathering on the company in question.

'Researcher Verified' Ethiscores, which tend to be lower scoring, are best compared with other researcher verified scores.

Only 'Researcher Verified' Ethiscores are used to compile product score tables.

To restrict a search to Researcher Verified companies only, choose Find Companies from the left hand menu and select Show Advanced Search Options. Tick the box marked Include Researcher Verified Companies Only.