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Corporate Critic Portfolios

100 top UK companies
Top 25 by UK Charitable Donation 2003/2004 compiled by Directory of Social Change

Daily and Monthly customers may view existing Corporate Critic portfolios. At present this only includes the Top 100 UK companies and Top 25 Charity Donors. Clicking on e.g. Top 100 Uk companies displays the Top 100 page and a listing of companies under the following headings:
Company Ownership Turnover Ethiscore

Personal Portfolios are a feature for annual subscribers only. This facility ables users to group together companies they want to observe in detail and monitor on an ongoing basis.

Up to 100 companies can be held in a portfolio per account (further portfolios can be obtained).

Annual customers may also choose an 'email me' function to monitor Ethiscore rating changes for companies in their portofolio(s). This will keep track of a company's ethical peroformance on an ongoing basis.